US introduces new tariffs on wines, other EU imports over Airbus-Boeing spit

US trade officials said on Wednesday that they were raising tariffs on certain EU products, including aviation-related parts and wines from France and Germany, in the midst of an ongoing civil dispute between Washington and Brussels.

In a statement, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office said it added tariffs on aircraft parts and certain non-sparkling wines, as well as cognacs and other cognacs from France and Germany.

The USTR did not say when the tariffs would take effect but noted that further details would be “forthcoming”.

The new tariffs are the latest step in the 16-year-old US-EU civil aviation subsidy dispute involving European airline Airbus SE and its US-based rival Boeing Co.

The USTR said on Wednesday that the EU had unfairly calculated tariffs against the US allowed by a ruling by the World Trade Organization in September in the ongoing dispute: “The EU must take some action to compensate for this injustice.”

Representatives of the European Union could not be reached immediately for comment on the USTR action.


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