Video: Russian paramilitaries train for combat as tensions escalate in Ukraine

In a forest in the Moscow region, volunteers from a Russian paramilitary group are training in combat tactics. The volunteers, who all fought in Ukraine’s breakaway region of Donbass, say they are ready to fight on the battlefield and expect to be deployed to eastern Ukraine amid growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Elena Volochini reports from France 24 from Russia.

Shooting breaks through the snowy stillness of a forest in the Moscow region, where a group of armed men in military uniforms undergo combat training.

Dmitry “Voron” is the deputy head of the Donbass Volunteers’ Union, a Russian paramilitary group, says the skills gained here will be useful for “defending the Russian people” in the separatist-held eastern region of Ukraine.

Click the player above to see the full report.

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