War in Ukraine: Foreign Residents Among Thousands Fleeing Conflict

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the conflict in Ukraine to seek refuge in neighboring Poland. However, these displaced people are not just indigenous Ukrainians – large numbers of foreign residents have been forced to flee. Luke Shrago and Tarek Kai from France 24 report from the border town of Przemysl as locals pull out all stops to offer help.

Many of these people have already left their homes before to look for a better life in Ukraine. But now, the war with Russia prompted them to leave again.

“We had to walk 30 kilometers. It was horrible. We were about to die. We had no shelter for four nights. We only slept on the street. No blanket. No tent. Nothing.” Lviv Iraqi maneuver said.

A man from Cameroon said, “We just arrived, with my three children and my wife. It was difficult for her. She is only breastfeeding our one and a half month old son. Not even two months. So I had to leave.” They live in Odessa.

For many of these people, the reality of conflict has taken on a whole new meaning.

“It reminded me of the war in Syria. When I saw a father and his two sons frozen to death in the snow. The same things they lived through; we are living it now. I never would have imagined that I would live by the things I saw on social media,” said a Sudanese woman.

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