What is allowed and what is not?

The French are still living under strict restrictions, as cases of Covid-19 continue to increase. But after the year we have all had, it requires that we end the 2020 party. But be careful: the government is putting 100,000 policemen on the streets tonight to make sure the rules are applied. So what exactly is allowed? Jowharwatching.

Can you invite friends to your house?

You may have friends over, but the authorities recommend that you limit the meetings to a maximum of six adults. This is only a recommendation, but not a law.

However, there will be no fine for exceeding this limit, unless your shindig is kept in a facility that has been ordered closed, such as a bar or a restaurant. Similarly, if you are attending a party at someone’s home, it really must be a private party, ie no entrance fees. The police have been specially instructed to look for private parties and to identify the organizers. Participants will also be fined, so watch out.

Can you go home at night?

Sure, as long as you are back at the curfew 20.00 or wait until it takes off at 06:00 to go home. In other words, if you are going out, you have to either make it to an early night or a night. Anyone who ends up outside risks a fine of € 135 – if you do not have a certificate that you are out for a permissible reason, such as work or health.

Make sure you know how to get around, as half of Paris’s metro lines will be closed. Transportation can also be turned off in other cities.

Can the police come to my house?

Just like every other night of the year, the police can call you for disturbances at home and fine you € 68. They may come to your door and ask to enter, but they may not enter without your permission.

( Jowharwith AFP)

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