Former Counterterrorism Czar warns of potential destruction from Russian cyber weapons in the US

Former US counterterrorism czar Richard Alan Clarke discussed the main threats facing US cyberspace in an interview with in New York.

He expressed concern that Russia’s cyber weapons could cause significant damage in the US. However, he also stated that both the US and Russia seem to be following an “unwritten rule” of not attacking one another.

Clarke also explained why China has not inflicted severe damage on American cyberspace, citing fears of “traditional” retaliation in the form of “bombs, missiles, ships, and airplanes”.

Clarke, who has been warning about cyber warfare for decades, believes that artificial intelligence (AI) could worsen the risks unless it is regulated.

He is particularly worried about the concept of “hybrid war”, which utilizes AI-powered disinformation and cyber tools in addition to political subversion.

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