May Day sees global workers unite while France experiences pension protests

On May Day, workers across Asia, Europe, and the Americas took to the streets to demand economic justice amidst rising inflation.

Demonstrations saw people protesting for higher wages, days off, and better worker rights.

Despite being celebrated worldwide as a day to commemorate labor rights, this year’s rallies showcased broader frustrations, with climate activists spray-painting Parisian museums and German protestors rallying against violence towards women and LGBTQ+ people.

Pakistan and Turkey had forced May Day celebrations under political tensions. Meanwhile, France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s move to raise the retirement age saw about 800,000 people marching across the country.

While mostly peaceful, violence by radicals marred the message, leading to the injury of dozens of Paris police officers. From Skopje to Venezuela, the rallies unleashed pent-up frustrations after three years of COVID-19 restrictions.

In Brazil, the government called for regulating the informal sector, which recently faced criticism as “almost like slaves.”

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